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Support for Greater than Eight grows - comments from the petition to Chris Grayling MP - Blog Post

Support for Greater than Eight grows - comments from the petition to Chris Grayling MP

- 06-Oct-2017 -

Our petition is dealing with a very delicate and emotive matter; the lives of minibus drivers and their passengers, who are mainly school aged children or vulnerable adults in the community. These comments are just a few from those who have already shown their support for our campaign, please read and consider joining them...

A collection of the feelings of real people, stirred up by our petition to Chris Grayling MP, hoping to change the law and make driving standards safer for UK minibus operators.

Castle Minibus’ campaign to petition the government into making changes to the UK minibus driving standards has proved so popular that we would like to share more of the supportive comments left on our petition. Last week you read the comments from BUSK UK director, Pat Harris, who has been campaigning for minibus safety for many years. Now see what drivers themselves have to say on the matter:

14th September 2017

Jon Furlong,

As a full-time coach driver, I feel that's it's extremely important for drivers of minibuses carrying children to be properly competent and medically fit to drive it!!!!

Doreen Lowe,

I am a retired coach / bus driver. I see schools have their own minibuses and a teacher does a full day’s work at school then takes the minibus out with people on board with no training.

I have seen it many times. They are tired by the time they have to start the journey home as they will likely have been up early. Bring the law the same as PSV drivers. Save any confusion.

13th September 2017

Phil Robinson,

It's odd this isn't just a standard requirement already

Patricia Hamilton,

I am a coach driver & truly believe drivers that are responsible for the safety of others should be fully qualified & experienced. Don't let this happen to your child.

7th September 2017

Jim Smith,

Minibus driving in the UK is a bit of a joke really as there are probably thousands of drivers out there with no real experience of driving anything larger than your normal car and current legislation allows these people to be in charge of a minibus full of passengers.

Driving a minibus is not the same as driving a car and requires a different level of knowledge, skills and awareness, currently this presents real risk on our highways and it is about time that measures were put in place to address this situation.

Linda Hellyer,

Our children are the most precious and should be protected at all cost as they only have us to protect their rights. The roads today are so busy and dangerous that they should only be driven by the most highly experienced and professional drivers.

Would you like to join the voices of the concerned above? Take a stand and campaign with us for safer UK minibus driving standards and sign the petition today.

Thank you.


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