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Understanding your expectations of school transport needs - Blog Post

Understanding your expectations of school transport needs

- 23-Aug-2017 -

At Castle Minibus, we specialise in serving schools and educational establishments, taking care of all their needs where minibus leasing, vehicle hire and driver training are concerned.

Demonstrating our understanding of all your needs when it comes to school transportation.


From ensuring you have the right permits and paperwork to making sure everything concerning the maintenance of your minibus is taken care of with the least inconvenience to you; pick up and drop offs, onsite maintenance and quick fixes, driver training, roadside assistance and a dedicated account manager looking after your account.

All schools want safe and reliable minibuses and we understand each kind of school has unique needs, considerations and expectations too.

Primary Schools

A school minibus gives primary schools a real freedom to begin introducing their young charges to the chance to visit places they’ve never been to before. It offers amazing experiences that they’ll remember forever, and inspires them at an early age by broadening their horizons.



Swimming lessons, forest school, day trips, there are lots of small important trips that need a safe and reliable minibus to reassure parents their children will be safe and well cared for in a minibus fit for purpose, with teachers and school displaying all the relevant safety and training qualifications.

For many primary schools, a minibus is also a demonstration of on-going improvement and growth, and by choosing Castle Leasing not only shows that you are allocating budget very carefully but you are taking the pressure off your administrative staff and teachers themselves when it comes to training and maintenance.

Secondary Schools

As children grow, their opportunities and independence grow too. Ask many kids what their favourite activity of the school year was, or their most vivid memory, and it’s usually a school trip, residential or major sporting event.


The school minibus makes this possible, and for many secondary schools it’s a vital part of each student’s development and bolsters the pride teachers and students have in their school transportation. Minibuses for teenagers and young people for the longer journeys with additional safety features and comforts including sound systems, reclining seats and additional storage space in our Mercedes 17 seaters for bags and equipment, demonstrate the care your school takes over its student’s wellbeing.

Independent Schools

For many independent schools, it is vital to uphold a strong and professional image, and demonstrate on-going inward investment. Our superbly branded, new minibus prominently displays your livery and logo. You’ll feel like you’re one-nil up before you arrive at any sporting event or inter-school competition.



We also know that many independent schools use minibuses to pick up and return their pupils home and beyond the school gate a modern, clean and superbly branded minibus acts as a tremendous advertisement in the local community. Some independents have even attracted new pupils thanks to minibus advertising.

Castle’s experienced team also understand the legislation surrounding permits and driver training as schools without charity status are not eligible for a Section 19 permit and may require additional CPC training.

Academies and Free Schools

Schools that have been constrained by tight budgets and have had to share minibuses, struggle with old stock and had to cancel trips and excursions due to the lack of a minibus can now confidently lease a minibus for their school knowing that they have made a sensible budgeting choice with fixed monthly payments, no hidden fees and no hassle or problems with servicing, maintenance or training.

You can finally have that high quality, fully liveried minibus and proudly display your school's logo, enriching your pupil’s education as well as ensuring their safety whilst on the road.

Minibus Hire

We provide short-term hire minibuses from 1 day to 1 year to over 1250 schools and colleges throughout the UK because our policies are simple and friendly, we offer premium customer service, and our rentals are fully customisable.



Renting is a great way to solve a short-term issue if you don’t have the requirement or budget for a longer-term minibus solution. You can hire vehicles from cars, vans, minibuses from Castle Rentals for as little as one day, or for more than a month.

Ask about our ‘term time’ special contracts, which are becoming very popular with our schools that may only need a minibus for a certain amount of time in the school year, or that are testing out a new route to bring pupils into school.

With Castle Rentals, you’re in expert hands with our understanding of all that’s involved in hiring a vehicle and being as safe as you can in factory-built vehicles with additional safety specifications.

We appreciate your time is precious, and do our best to protect it. Call one of team today on 01869 253744, or complete our online enquiry form.



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