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£100 off your D1

Don't book your D1 training and test before you see this special offer!

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23 years later, what have we learnt from the M40 minibus tragedy?

In honour of the 23rd anniversary of the tragic M40 minibus crash, which killed 12 pupils and one teacher, we would like to take a look at what subsequent changes to the driver’s licensing laws have been made and what still needs to be done to ensure the safety of transporting our school children.

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Castle leads the way with D1 driver training.

What to expect when learning to drive a minibus with Castle trainers.

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Castle Minibus’ Greater than Eight campaign stirs up strong emotions

BUSK (Belt Up School Kids) was founded by Pat Harris on 16 February 1993 with the main purpose of bringing about changes in seat belt legislation so that school children travelling in coaches and minibuses would be provided with a lap and diagonal safety belt on their daily journey to and from school.

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Introducing Liz Purchase – Advanced driving instructor and ‘driving force’ of the up-coming Minibus Compliance Course

With 20+ years experience and a myriad of certifications and qualifications, Liz Purchase is quite possibly responsible for Castle Minibus' 86% pass rate (twice the national average)

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Latest update on the Greater than Eight campaign

There's been a lot of movement on the licencing and testing laws for minibus drivers and section 19 permits recently. And we're glad to be involved in the discussions. Following news from Northern Ireland and a Transport Select Committee meeting, we have the latest update on the situation.

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Launching the 'Greater than Eight' campaign for safer UK minibus driver standards

We believe minibus driver standards should be brought in line with European standards, closing the loopholes that pose a risk to drivers, passengers and other road users. Our campaign involves a petition to Mr Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport.

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No wonder you’re confused, part one: D1 licencing for school minibuses

This article will help clarify the situation regarding minibus driving and licencing. Whether you are an employed or volunteer driver, or following Government guidelines or in consultation with a lawyer over when a full D1 licence is required...

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Ramp up your road safety in 5 steps!

Road Safety Week was launched in 1997 to heighten the public’s awareness of such risks and is as vital today as ever, so this year the theme is “Make the Brake Pledge!” Everybody can read the information and make the pledge to make a conscious effort to protect themselves and others on the road.

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RoSPA – The twenty is plenty campaign

Castle Minibus supports the ’Twenty’s plenty’ road safety campaign, set up by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

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Section 19 and 22 Permits – what is going on? How will it affect schools and the licencing requirements?

Chris Maynard of Castle Minibus limited submitted opinion on how changes to the section 19 and 22 permits might effect schools to the Transport Department's Select Committee on 3rd November 2017.

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Support for Greater than Eight grows - comments from the petition to Chris Grayling MP

A collection of the feelings of real people, stirred up by our petition to Chris Grayling MP, hoping to change the law and make driving standards safer for UK minibus operators.

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Take CPC training combined with your D1 licence training

When CPC courses are combined with D1 training, you can only save time, and therefore money for your school or business.

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We want you!

We are recruiting driver trainers nationwide

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What about charities and D1 licences?

We received a comment on the 'Campaign to change minibus driving licence laws' article featured in Route One Magazine, with one simple question - What about charities? Here's how we replied...

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Wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) training – Specific training for specific needs

Castle Driver Training run a comprehensive and extremely successful minibus training course for new minibus users. Our pass rate is over 90%, which is significantly higher than the national average of 55% for the D1 test. Not only do we train new drivers for minibuses for schools, but we train new drivers for wheelchair accessible vehicles also.

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Why having a section 19 permit compliance audit matters

Section 19 permit compliance audits are not just a tick in the box to satisfy the paperwork. Here's why they are so important...

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Why is Castle’s D1 minibus training pass rate so high?

Because we’re that good! Ok, so we’re blowing our own trumpets a bit here, but we really do provide such an excellent minibus training scheme that our pass rate for the D1 test by far exceeds the national average.

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Will the rules of minibus licences change in 2018?

Chris discusses the changes expected in 2018 to minbus licensing and operation, and the possible affects on schools.

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