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Wheelchair accessible vehicle training

Castle Driver Training run a comprehensive and extremely successful minibus training course for new minibus users. Our pass rate is over 85%, which is significantly higher than the national average of 45% for the D1 test. Not only do we train new drivers for minibuses for schools, but we train new drivers for wheelchair accessible vehicles also.


Why do I need special training for a wheelchair accessible vehicle training?

Our wheelchair accessible vehicle trainees come from local authorities for patient transfer vehicles and community transport, special schools and care homes. The basics are the same with regards to the operation of the vehicle itself, but there is a lot of additional engineering going on in the back end!

Some WAVs are fitted with ramps or lifts to allow the wheelchair user to get in and once in, the wheelchair is secured safely in position with a tie-down system much like traditional seatbelts. Some wheelchair accessible vehicle training may have an automatic docking system into which the corresponding plate on the wheelchair attaches with spigots.

All this mechanical equipment will need specialist training to ensure your passengers are safe whilst entering and alighting as well as in transit. Castle Driver Training also includes instruction on basic maintenance, troubleshooting and spotting potentially dangerous weaknesses or damage to both the mechanical lifts or ramps and the secure fittings.

Top up training through Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme – MiDAS

For those that have passed their D1 test, whether for standard minibuses or for wheelchair accessible minibuses, it is also useful to have refresher training, especially if you are an infrequent driver of the wheelchair accessible vehicle and particularly when transporting children.

MiDAS training is conducted in groups of up to four candidates and consists of four stages;

  • Theory training: classroom based with open question and answer sessions
  • Walk around: 30 minutes of getting to know your minibus features
  • Small test: classroom based and centred around the morning session
  • Practical driving: minimum of 30 minutes, allowing as much time as you need
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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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