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Greater Than 8 passengers? Don't take risks get a D1

Castle Minibus launches the

Greater than 8 campaign

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We want to change the law so all minibus drivers of 8+ passengers must hold a full D1 licence

Castle Minibus launched ‘Greater than 8’, a national safety campaign and online government petition to end confusion and close the loop-holes by changing the law to require all drivers of 8+ passengers to pass the full D1 driver training test and ask the government to assist in the funding for training.

    The Greater than 8 campaign has three main aims:
  1. To raise awareness of the risks associated with not having a full D1 licence holder driving minibuses whether for schools or communities; no medical checks, eye tests, theory or practical training.
  2. Petition the government to remove the exceptions of volunteer drivers and weight of the vehicle so all drivers of 8+ passengers must hold a D1 licence.
  3. So that driving all minibuses in the UK matches the same level of safety standards that is required in the other 27 countries of the European Union.

Currently, in the UK, there are exceptions for volunteer drivers and vehicles under certain weights which mean organisations like schools and community groups that use minibuses can choose to drive up to 16 passengers without any medical checks or additional training, putting the lives of their passengers and other road users at risk. The campaign already has the backing of ROSPA and  BUSK and hopes to gather more high profile supporters.

Castle Minibus wants the law changed to remove all exceptions so no teacher involved in a collision becomes the legal test case as to whether they were a volunteer driver or not.

Chris Maynard MD of Castle Vehicle Leasing Ltd comments ‘The UK D1 licencing rules are a real fog especially for teachers and schools; the crux of the issue focuses on whether members of staff can be classed as volunteer drivers and weights of vehicles. We want to raise awareness, get the exceptions removed so that all drivers of 8+ passengers have taken the medical, sight, theory and practical tests required for the full D1 licence and have parity with the rest of Europe’.

Castle minibus parked in front of pavillion - Minibus Driving Test

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