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Cherry pickers provide an aerial platform so you can work at height on trees or buildings that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Cherry pickers provide an aerial platform so you can work at height on trees or buildings that are otherwise difficult to reach. Originally built to pick fruit, as the name suggests, hiring a cherry picker is the best solution to maintain those hard-to-reach areas such as guttering, fascias, trees and hedges, and even a change in signage.

Castle offers cherry picker hire to schools as an alternative to scaffolding, but as safety is paramount there are some questions you need to think about before enquiring.

Is it for internal or external use?

If it’s outside you need to consider the state of the ground. If there is a slope check the equipment specifications to ensure it is suitable for that gradient. Let us know if the terrain is very bumpy and uneven, or if there is a lot of ground water. Many models of outrigger spread the load, and these will be better and safer on uneven or waterlogged ground.

If you are using the cherry picker inside there are two key issues. The first is access, what is the narrowest doorway it will have to fit through and turning space, and the second is ventilation, in this case an electric machine will be better as it will not give off the fumes of a diesel-powered one.

What height do you need to achieve and what is the reach required?

The height is an obvious consideration when hiring a cherry picker, but you also need to think about the horizontal reach you need to access whatever you are planning to do. Cherry pickers reach heights are measured from the ground to their maximum vertical reach, not including the height of the person on the platform.

The horizontal reach is more difficult as it is measured from the lifting arm of the cherry picker to the end of the reach of an average person when stretching their arm from the fully extended boom. If you are operating heavier equipment your reach will be shorter than if you are simply using a roller or paintbrush.

What is the weight of the equipment you’re putting on the cherry picker?

The weight of the equipment you want to take on the cherry picker with you is another important point, as the weight will affect the reach available; the lighter the load the further you can safely reach. You need to consider your own weight, as well as that of the tools and equipment, and ensure they will fall within the ‘safe working load’ of the cherry picker you want to hire.

What licence do I need for a cherry picker?

If you got your car driving licence before 1994, you can legally drive vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tons, but many models under 3.5 tons can be operated with a standard car driving licence issued after 1994. If you need a larger or HGV cherry picker, you’ll need to hire a fully-trained operator

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Pricing is based on the model you choose, the length of time you require the equipment, how far the delivery and collection is, and whether it can be self operated.

Call Castle today on 01869 255395 or contact us to discuss all your requirements and we will talk you through all the considerations needed to ensure you hire the right cherry picker for your needs.

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