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Castle Minibus Assessment

Castle Minibus Assessment is a one-day course for those who have never or rarely driven a minibus, whether they have a D1 or not.

It was developed to give confidence and knowledge on the practical side of minibus driver safety and differs from MiDas in that it offers more hands-on elements, including driving.

In fact, our assessment is based entirely on the practical elements of driving a minibus and includes ‘the walk around’ or pre trip vehicle checks and then an on the road assessment.

Although we call it an assessment time is spent coaching to improve the standard of the driver and encourage best practice.  

We can train up to six drivers in a normal day, usually on a two to one basis, so each pair can learn from each other and it also limits staff’s time out of school.

Our assessment trainers complete a marking sheet which will be signed by both candidate and trainer and can be kept on file as an additional safety/training record.

Further training can be arranged if required. 

Castle minibus parked in front of pavillion - Minibus Driving Test

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