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Mercedes Minibus

Castle Minibus has two favoured manufacturers of minibuses, Ford and Mercedes, but they also offer Citroen and Renault. Ford and Mercedes are the only two manufacturers that make vehicles for the sole purpose of multi-person transportation.

Many vehicles that are described as minibuses actually started off life as a van and were then converted somewhere else to install lightweight seating for multiple passengers to avoid drivers needing the D1 licence. We have serious concerns over the legitimacy of these lightweight minibuses and have declined to provide these vehicles for the last 5 years. We also supply some Renault and Citroen vehicles that we consider superior vehicles in terms of safety, and our clients will benefit not only from a better user experience, but also from additional safety and support packages.

Why we love Mercedes minibuses

1) Made for purpose.

Also available as an automatic, which is great if most of your journeys are in a large town or city.

2) Premium safety standards and intelligent systems

The intelligent systems that come as standard with the Mercedes minibus include attentive rear-view camera, wide-angle mirrors, ultra-sensitive rain sensors and fully adjustable headlights with an additional static active light function source, ensuring a clearer view of the road – in front and behind, in any light. All Castle Mercedes minibuses include a factory-fitted satellite navigation system as well.

3) First-rate comfort for passengers and driver

The superbly spacious interior allows ease of boarding and alighting for up to 16 passengers and the driver. And once seated, all those travelling will benefit from the fully adjustable and calibrated seating positions, ensuring that no matter how long the journey, no-one will suffer from discomfort or become agitated. And what’s more, the panoramic windows in the sliding doors will enable every person to have a great view even from an aisle seat, so no more bickering from the back!

4) Big back-end and zero towing

This specific 17-seat minibus from Mercedes has a longer length, as demonstrated by the yellow broken line just behind the rear wheel arch. This extra space, equivalent to just under two trailers worth, allows for more luggage to be transported inside, eliminating the need for a tow bar.

5) Regulated fuel consumption

Your school budget will thank you for the intelligent system that regulates fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Euro V emission standards ensure your school will be operating an efficient and economical minibus service for your students.

Castle Minibus are the UK`s number 1 supplier of them!

Excuse us for tooting our own horn (and for the occasional pun), but 98% of our clients told us we were either good or excellent, which is way above the market average.

If your school would like to see the new Mercedes 17-seat minibus up close and personal, we will bring it to your door, anywhere in the UK.

In actual fact, our clients love the fact that we take care of the training, servicing and repairs, MOTs, breakdown and roadside assistance, and even supply the minibus complete with your school’s own livery proudly displayed.

You will be able to see for yourselves how the extended luggage space benefits sports teams, orchestras and Duke of Edinburgh participants alike.

There’s so much to our service, and you can contact us here, or call us with your questions on 01869 253744.

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